DURATION  45 hrs


SERVICENOW TRAINING (Duration: 60 Hours – 8 Weeks) – Authorised KRYTERION Partners for for SERVICENOW CERTIFICATION

Money back Guarantee with 15% interest if not satisfied with quality of training

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Session I – Mapping ITIL with ServiceNow

Introduction of ITIL & Lifecycle Stages
Introduction to ITIL-based ITSM
Essentials of ITIL Service Management

·         ITIL Service Support

·         ITIL Delivery Support

ServiceNow Tool Introduction

·         Get your own instance!

Why ServiceNow?
ServiceNow Versions
ServiceNow Competitors
Diverse Base of Customers


Session II – ServiceNow Basics (Administration)

ServiceNow Tool Demo
Using Wiki and Community
Basic Navigation

·         User Interface

·         Navigating Applications

·         Introduction to Searching (Filters)

Managing Records in Lists
Managing Records in Forms


Session III – Getting Onboard!

Users, Groups and Role
Employee Self-Service

·         Creating Tickets and Requests

Introduction to Applications

·         Incident Management

·         Problem Management

·         Change Management

·         Service Catalog

Request Management

·         Tracking Request Status

·         Assigning/Updating/Closing Tickets


Session IV – Advanced Administration

UI and Data Policies
Email Notifications
List Control
Exporting Data
Update Sets
Schedule Jobs (Import Sets, Data Source, Transform Map)



Session V – Service Catalog and Workflows

Service Catalog

·         How to create new catalog item?

·         Variables and Variable Sets

·         Catalog Client Scripts and UI Policies


·         How to create workflows?

·         Approvals


Session VI – Scripting


  • Business Rules
  • Client Scripts
  • UI Actions
  • Script Includes


Session VII – Configuration Management & Reporting

Configuration Management

·         Classes in CMDB

·         Mapping CI to Assets

·         Loading Ci’s into ServiceNow


·         How to create report?

·         Scheduling Report Adding Report to Homepage


Session VIII – Integrating Things!


·         Web Services

·         Scripted Web Services

·         Email Integration (Using Events)

Mid Server Installation (Process Documentation)
Cloning and Upgrade
Wrap Up (Q&A) and Certifications