DURATION  10 hrs


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Nodejs Content Delivery Plan:-

Web Application Basics

•  Understand Web Basics
•  Client, Server, WebApplication, Web Service, RESTful services

NodeJs Introduction

•  Introduction to NodeJs
•  Difference between JSP, ASP with NodeJs
•  Install Node.js on Windows
•  Write “Hello World!” in Node.js
•  Run your first web server

IDE for NodeJs development

•  Available IDEs for NodeJs
•  Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Atom, etc.,


•  Understand npm
•  Using npm and understand package.json

Javascript (client Side scripting):-


•  Understand client-side script
•  Advantages
•  Writing javascript
•  Understand the importance of javascript
•    Inline javascript
•    Internal javascipt
•    External javascript
•  Javascript function
•  Anonymous function
•  IIFE( immediate invoke function expression)
•  Javascript call back function
•  Javascript array
•  Javasctip array methods ( push(), slice(), splice(), indexOf(),etc.,)

JSON (Java Script Object notation):-


•  Introduction to json
•  Json syntax
•  Difference between xml and json
•  Handling Json objects

Programming basics

•  Implement programming basics using NodeJs

Node modules

•  Available node modules like Http, Express, forever, nodemailer, file system Mongodb, etc.,

Underscore JS

•  Understand UnderscoreJs
•  Examples using UnderScoreJs


•  Understand CORS
•  Cross Origin Resource Sharing
•  Make service available in network

HTTP Module

•  Introduction to HTTP module
•  Creating services using http module
•  Consume services using angular js application
•  HTTP service expose data,
•  HTTP service expose JSON data

Express JS

•  Understand ExpressJs
•  Difference between HTTP Module and ExpressJs
•  Develop web API using ExpressJS
•  ExpressJS interact with database

CRUD Operations

•  AngularJs example to perform crud operations using NodeJs
•  Web API

Course Objective:-

•  WAD (Web Application Development)
•  Advanced client side technologies using html, css, jquery, angular js and AJAX
•  Consume web services, restful services
•  Consume xml, csv and json file