Microsoft Azure

DURATION  45 hrs


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Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  • Cloud Technology Overview
  • Microsoft Azure
  • What is PaaS/ SaaS/IaaS
  • Overview of azure
  • Managing Azure with the Azure portal
  • Azure Portals
  • Managing Azure with Windows Power Shell

Virtual machines

  • Virtual machines options
  • Identify supported Microsoft workloads
  • Classic VM vs Azure Resource Manager (ARM) VM
  • Creating and Configure a Classic Azure Virtual machine
  • Understand Cloud Service and Classic VM
  • Create a Resource manager VM
  • Availability Set (Fault and Update Domains)
  • Azure Load balancer configuration
  • Troubleshooting virtual machines (Boot diagnostics, Redeploy etc.,)
  • Monitoring Virtual machines
  • Setup alerts
  • Capturing of a classic VM Image
  • Cloud services and Autoscaling configuration
  • Deploying of VM’s using Classic Images
  • Capturing of ARM Image
  • Deploying of VM’s using ARM Images
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS)
  • Setup DR/Failover for VM’s using Azure Site Recovery


  • Planning Storage
  • Classification of storage & Usage of different types of storage
  • Blob, File, Queue, Table, Disk Storage Overview
  • Implementing and Managing Storage
  • Monitoring Storage
  • Usage of tools for connecting to Storage
  • Attaching Disks to VM’s/Expanding disks



  • Overview of Azure Backup Services
  • Azure VM backup
  • On premise data backup to Azure
  • Retention policies

Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks

  • Planning Virtual Networks
  • Overview of Azure Virtual Networks
  • Understand Azure DNS and use cases
  • Overview of Network security groups


  • Implementing HA website solution
  • Joining systems to domain

Managing Azure using Visual Studio/development

  • Storage and Compute Emulators
  • Managing azure from Visual Studio (Azure SDK).


Implementing Websites

  • Planning for Website Deployment
  • Deploying Websites
  • Configuring Websites
  • Monitoring Websites
  • Scaling websites
  • Troubleshooting websites
  • Tools


Azure Traffic Manager:

  • Overview of Traffic Manager
  • Load balancing across VM’s and Web Apps

Planning and Implementing Data Services

  • Data Services in Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing Azure SQL Database
  • Implementing NoSQL using Cosmos DB

Implementing Azure Active Directory

  • Creating and managing Azure Directories
  • Sync On-Premise AD with Azure AD
  • Overview of Azure Active Directory Premium

Implementing Content Delivery Networks

  • Overview of Azure content Delivery Networks

Implementing Automation

  • Overview of Automation Components
  • Power Shell Workflows/GUI Workflows
  • Managing Automation


  • Overview
  • Overview of server Migration to Azure from on premise



  • Using Azure IoT Hubs
  • Demo with Raspberry Pi : Temperature sensor data to cloud storage