Block Chain

DURATION  45 hrs


Currently we are providing this course as the industry prefer Block Chain. Duration would be 4 Weeks. Detail course content given below.


Blockchain content
1. Refreshment of blockchain.
2. Applications of blockchain.
3. Types of blockchain.
4. Ethereum platform
5. Smart contract development using Solidity
6. Managing accounts.
7. Deployment of smart contract.
7.1 . Web3js
8. Building private blockchain
9. Hyperledger
10. Hyperledger fabric
11. Multichain
12. Project.
Prerequisite : Linux, little javascript

Course Description

Crazy about Blockchain!!!!! We too crazy about it.

Learn Blockchain concepts and develop professional grade decentralized applications from scratch
on the Ethereum blockchain and on Hyperledger fabric using composer

Introduction, Pre-requisites & Basics – 5 HoursPart 0 – Welcome to the course! Pre-requisites
• Why is Blockchain?
• What is a Blockchain and terminology around it?
• Blockchain Architecture and Key components
• Cryptocurrencies and Cryptography 101
• Wallets and fundas around them
• Installing Development Environment
• Windows setup for Geth, Ganache/TestRPC, NodeJS, NPM, Truffle
• Setup private Blockchain Node
• Install, set-up MetaMask/Mist and networks
• Install Truffle and setup
• Solidity Fundamentals

Intermediate – 6 Hours
Part 1 – Create Your First Smart Contract
• Genesis block and how to create
• Create private network
• Create Greetings smart contract

Part 2 – Design and Develop a Decentralized Application End 2 End
• Create End to End Quikr like application
• Create contracts for Sell, Buy, List Article etc
• Frontend for Article Sell, Buy, display List etc
• Deploy application to a private network
• Deploy application to a main network

Advanced – 8 Hours
Part 3 – Hyper Ledger and composer
• Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric & Composer Technology
• Installing Development Environment – Docker, NodeJS, Fabric, Composer tools …
• Fabric under the hood – student will learn how the Fabric technology works
• Learn to use the Composer tools (Modeling, Yo generators, REST Server, CLI, Playground)

Part 4 – Airline Blockchain Application: We will develop a exiting application for this secret Airline

Exciting Bonus and combinational technology – 6 Hours
• Secret 1
• Secret 2

• Student should has basic knowledge with Javascript or Java or NodeJS
• Basic working knowledge of Web Applications (HTTP, REST)
• Student must be comfortable in learning new design patterns & an architectural paradigm
• Good to have : Docker, Unix commands, NodeJS

Who is the target audience?
• Technologist seeking to expand their knowledge into Blockchain
• Architects looking to leverage Distributed Ledger Technology for addressing Business

Problems and Opportunities
• Developers interested in learning Blockchain application development
• Experimenters curious to learn how Blockchain technology can change the way we do business
• Entrepreneurs with technology background interested in realizing their business idea on the         Blockchain

This is a fun full, exciting training program filled with Real World use
case studies and practical exercises.
We hope to see you inside the class!