Amazon Web Services

DURATION  45 hrs


AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS): (Duration: 35 Hours – 5 Weeks)

Money back Guarantee with 15% interest if not satisfied with quality of training

What do you get out of this Training?

Hands-on experience on AWS Cloud Platform

  • Certification Preparation
    • AWS Solution
    • AWS Developer Associate
    • AWS Sys-Ops Associate


Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • A Short history
  • Client Server Computing Concepts
  • Challenges with Distributed Computing
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Why Cloud Computing?
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Delivery Models

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a ServicePaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Introduction to AWS:

  • Subscription to AWS
  • AWS Free tier – Limits and usage
  • Introduction to the AWS Management Console

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Essentials

  • Regions and Availability Zones – How to choose the right one
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
  • Working with AMIs
  • Choosing the right AMI
  • Deciding what goes into an AMI
  • Finding the right AMI
  • Pricing model in EC2 instances
  • Deciding between On-demand instances, Spot instances, Reserved instances, Scheduled Instances, Dedicated Hosts
  • EC2 Reserved
  • AWS Marketplace

EC2 Instances

  • Building an EC2 Windows instance & Linux Instance
  • Setting up security
  • Security via Key Pairs
  • Working with the Security Group
  • Different IPs assigned to an EC2 instance
  • Assigning Elastic IPs
  • Logging into the instance
  • Creating your own AMI/Registering your own AMI
  • What is a placement group and advantages of placement
  • EC2 instance protection
  • User Data Management
  • AWS Simple System Manager (SSM)

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

  • Creating and deleting volumes
  • Attaching and detaching volumes
  • Mounting and Unmounting the attached volume
  • Creating snapshots & Usage of snapshots
  • Increasing the volume size
  • Copying of volumes between regions

Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

  • Creating a load balancer
  • Internal Load balancer
  • External Load balancer
  • Load balancing protocols
  • Security groups for the load balancer
  • Configure health for the load balancer
  • Adding multiple instances to the load balancer
  • Cross-zone load balancing
  • Connection Draining
  • Stickiness

Auto Scaling:

  • What is auto scaling?
  • Auto scaling components
  • Benefits of auto scaling
  • Creation of launch configuration
  • Different types of auto scaling
  • Configuration of auto scaling policies based on the Load on EC2 instances.
  • Advantages of using Auto scaling with Elastic Load balancer (ELB).

Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Creating and deleting buckets
  • Adding objects to buckets
  • Getting objects
  • Deleting objects
  • Creation of a static website using S3 storage
  • Uses of S3 storage
  • Working with Permissions S3.
  • Life cycle management in S3
  • and usage of
  • S3 Bucket Policies
  • Accessing S3 storage via Tools

Glacier Storage:

  • Creating Vaults
  • Accessing the Glacier vault using tools
  • Using Glacier for backups
  • Retrieval period
  • Different types of retrieval

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Creation of user accounts in AWS
  • Setting up multi factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Roles in IAM
  • Groups in IAM
  • Delegation of permissions for users
  • Creation of custom policies for delegation
  • Account settings
  • Credential Report
  • Connecting via CLI/Powershell
  • Connecting via IDE’s

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  • Overview of VPC
  • Different types of networks that can be setup in AWS
  • Creating a new VPC
  • ACL & Security Groups
  • Creation of Internet Gateway
  • Connecting to instances in the gateway

Cloud watch

  • Debugging cloud related issues
  • Monitoring the AWS Service Health Dashboard
  • Monitoring with Cloud watch
  • Getting statistics for a specific EC2 instance
  • Getting aggregated statistics
  • Metrics for other AWS Services and related namespaces
  • Setting up notifications

Simple Notification Services (SNS)

  • Creation of a topic
  • Subscribing to topic via Email
  • Setting notification for EC2 instance changes

Simple Queue Service (SQS)

  • Types of SQS
  • Creation of a queue
  • Sending messages to the queue
  • Usage of SQS
  • Parameters in SQS
  • Retrieving messages from SQS

Route 53:

  • Route 53 Overview
  • Setup internal DNS Namespace
  • Creating different records in Route 53
  • Traffic management policies overview

Elastic Beanstalk

  • Creation of Web apps using Elastic Beanstalk
  • Environment overview
  • Migrating content in different environments.
  • Modifying the properties of the deployment.
  • Roll out policies

Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • Overview of RDS
  • Configuring the Database Engine
  • Creating your Database
  • Setting up automatic backups
  • Authorizing access to the DB via DB Security Groups
  • Snapshots and usage of snapshots

Cloud Formation:

  • Building AWS infrastructure as a code
  • Utilization of Sample templates
  • Introduction to JSON

Overview of other AWS Products

Highlights of the Course:

  • Teaching is oriented towards –
    • Practical oriented & Hands on
    • clear understanding of basics
    • what to expect as an interview question while topic discussion
  • Exclusive Access to a variety of latest interview questions and answers
  • Work on real-time projects scenarios
  • Certification guidance & Material
  • Hand-outs will be given which would serve as a knowledge-check
  • Assistance in Resume preparation
  • Finally, this training gives you all that are needed to secure a desired job & keeps you get going in your job!

Why Gyanvriksh:

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  • Class recordings of every session will be provided – Only for Online Training
  • Maximum batch size 25 to give more focus at individual level. Online 1 to 1
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  • Weekend, Weekday, Online & Corporate Trainings
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