DURATION  35 hrs


Money back Guarantee with 15% interest if not satisfied with quality of training

Course Objective:-

• AngularJs is an Open Source JavaScript framework created and maintained by Google and a
community of individual developers. AngularJs simplify Data-Centric Web application
development. It is used many existing web applications developed using ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, etc.,
We use AngularJs mainly for Web Application Development using Advanced Client Side

• AngularJs framework consists of the core module and a programmer can implement his own modules
with services, filters, Route, animation, etc., AngularJs develop SPA(Single Page Application)

Main Topics:-

• Advanced client-side technologies using HTML, CSS, JQuery, AngularJs, and AJAX
• Consume SOAP web services, restful services consume XML, CSV and JSON file

Target Audience:-

• Any web developer or web designer who is into ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, etc.,

Client Side Scripting:-


• Understand client-side script
•  Difference between client side and server side script
•  Importance of Server-Side Script
•  Importance of Client-Side Script
•  Javascript, VBScript
•  Limitations of client-side scripting
•  Cannot communicate with a database
•  Cannot communicate with any file system
•  IDEs to develop an application using AngularJs


1 Introduction

• Introduction to AngularJs

• website

• Features of AngularJs:

• Binding framework

• AngularJs support MV* (MVC, MVVM, MVP)

• Download Angularj.min.js

• Using angularjs cdn

• Sample programs

2 Angular directives

• Understand the ng- directive

• Available directives

• ng-app, ng-init, ng-bind, ng-model, etc.,

3 Binding expression

In detail Binding expression

{{ }}

Difference between ng-bind and {{binding expression}}

HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language):-


• Understand html tags Available HTML tags Special entities in html

UI designing using HTML

• Design UI using html tag

• Top of Form

• Bottom of Form

• tags

HTML 5 elements

• 13 Input elements
• Input element properties
• Video, animation tags

Import script

• Import external scripts
•   Import external javascript
•   Import external css style

CSS(Cascade Style Sheets):-


• Understand styles in web page
• CSS introduction
• Types of CSS
•  Inline CSS
•  Internal CSS
•  External CSS

Javascript (client Side scripting):-


• Understand client-side script
• Advantages

JavaScript core1

• Writing javascript?
• Understand the importance of javascript
•   Inline javascript ( invoke events )
•   Internal javascript
•   External javascript
• Google chrome developer tools
• Debugging java script code

JavaScript core2 Programming constructs

• Control structures (if, switch, loops)

JavaScript core3 Built-in objects

• Document object,
• Window object,
• String object and methods
• Math object and methods
• Date Object, etc.,

JavaScript core 4 Array

• Javascript Array in detail
• Javascript array methods ( push(), slice(), splice(), indexOf() ,etc.,)
• Handling JavaScript Array Collection

Javascript core 5 Function

• What is a function?
• Simple functions
•  Parameterized function
•  Passing unlimited parameters
• Function returning values

Javascript Advanced 1 functions

• Function hoisting
• Differentiate global variable from the local variable
• Function expressions (FE)
• Call back functions
• IIFE (Immediate Invoked Function Expression)
• Javascript Closures
• Function inside objects

Java script Advanced2 Object

• Understand java script objects
• POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Objects) in detail


• jQuery Introduction Understand $
• jQuery Dom manipulation examples



1 Data binding

• Understand binding
•  Types of bindings
•  One way data binding
•  One time data binding
•  Two-way data binding

2 ng-include & Ng-view

• Include HTML pages into tags
•  Sample example which shows multiple views in one page

3 Angular filters Sorting fields

• Angular Filter
•  Filter row, Filter column
• Create custom filters
• Filters on Json Objects


• Working with POJO(Plain Old Javascript object)
•  Using json objects

5 Modules and controllers

• Working with modules, controllers
• Attaching multiple controllers
• Consume module, controller

• Event handling

• Handling events

6 $scope $rootScope

• Understand the difference between $scope and $root Scope object
• Example programs using these


• Understand Single Page application
• Create SPA, Sample application

8 Angular service

• Understand Service
• $http, $log, $anchorScroll, $routeProvider service
• Example on consuming existing services
• Create own Angular services

9 User define Services

  • Understand Custom(User defined) Services
    • Create user defined services using
    • Factory, Service, Provider

10 Custom directive

• Understand directive
• Create custom(user defined) directive examples
• Similar to Web form user controls

11 Reading JSON file

• Reading json file
• Ajax calls
• 12 Reading web service
• Reading web services (SOAP)
• file using AngularJs

13 Reading Restful Services

• Understand restful services
• Reading WEB API(Created using MVC.NET)

14 CRUD operations 

• A small application will perform CRUD operations of a Database table
• Restful web services

15 Responsive UI Using Bootstrap

• Understand Bootstrap
• Bootstrap GridSystem
• Examples


• Introduction to the web server,
• Understand Server Side Web Application, Client
• Available Web Servers, Web Technologies

Nodejs introduction

• Installation of nodejs,
• Understand npm

Create HTTP service

• To create service
• Consume web service in a network

Create ExpressJs

• Service To create WEB API ( restful service )

Consume web

• Services Consume WEB API using AngualrJs